A wide range of caskets, urns and keepsakes for your beloved best friend. Our dog urns are available in a variety of materials and finishes to suit you.

  • Heart Pet Urn Display Stands

    Heart Urn Display Stands

  • pet urns resin dog casts

    Resin Dog Cast Urns

  • Engraved Pet Casket

  • Medium Bronze Heart

    Bronze Brown Heart Pet Urns

  • Slate Heart with Paw Print

    Slate Heart Pet Urn Single Paw

  • Short Slate Candle Pet Urn

  • Slate Heart Multi Paws

    Slate Heart Pet Urn Multi Paws

  • Teardrop Urns

    Tear Drop Pet Urn

  • Pink Tealight

    Pink Tea Light Pet Urn

  • pet urns tribute boxes

    Photo Tribute Boxes

  • Bronze Tealight Plain

    Bronze Plain Tealight Pet Urn

  • Blue Tealight Urn

    Blue Tea Light Pet Urn

  • Classic Urns

    Classic Pet Urn

  • pet urns multi frame

    Black Multi Frame for Pet Ashes

  • pet urns biodegradable unity urns

    Biodegradable Unity Pet Urns